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The Association of International Project Management Officers (AIPMO®)

Is a professional international association with a researcher community representing International Project Management Officers including Project, Program and Portfolio managers involved or responsible for the determination of PMO need, business justification, design, establishment, running including the retirement of high performing Project Management Offices.

AIPMO’s mission is to advance the understanding, design and implementation of high performing single, group and enterprise PMOs, through the certification of proven international PMO (IPMO®) capabilities based on its AIPMO-IPMO Body of Knowledge©.

The AIPMO® exclusively facilitates and delivers three global IPMO certifications areas based on industry standard and actualized research, the Core Certifications [IPMO Foundation certification (IPMO-F®), the IPMO Practitioner certification (IPMO-P®), and the IPMO Expert level certification (IPMO-E®], the Specialist Certifications, and the Master Certifications. The three levels of the Core Certifications indicate the levels of competencies for International Project Management Officers which are based on AIPMO-IPMO Body of Knowledge© including its integrated IPMO Lifecycle Framework.

Our logo, ab imis foundamentis, is Latin locution meaning ‘from the very foundations’, renovation from the foundation. It was chosen because of the need to re-think (renovatio) our understanding, design and value of PMOs due to the way they have evolved over time and how they can continue to provide a permanent but adaptive project organizational structure. Thus, the value that comes with it the continuous process of regenerating a dynamic and adaptable PMO identity for multiple organizational designs without the limitations of the traditional PMO structure and the awareness of today business complexity.


Robert Joslin

Dr Robert Joslin, PMP®, PgMP®, PfMP®, CEng, IEEE, MBCS is a project/program management instructor, consultant, academic researcher and PhD supervisor

Dr Robert Joslin, PMP®, PgMP®, PfMP®, CEng, IEEE, MBCS is a project/program management instructor, consultant, academic researcher and PhD supervisor. He has 20 plus years in designing, initiating and program management delivery of large scale business transformation, reengineering, infrastructure, strategy development including winning prizes for ideas and product innovation. Robert publishes research papers, book chapters and methodologies in the field of project, program and portfolio management and presents his research at conferences such as PMI research and EURAM. He is a peer reviewer for the top three project management journals and sits on PMI Standards core committee the upcoming 4th Edition portfolio management standard. Robert also worked on the predecessor to Prince2 for the UK government and a co-author for AIPMO’s IPMO Body of Knowledge.Robert is also the founder and organizer of the annual PMI Swiss program management conferences which is the biggest PMI event in Switzerland where researchers and senior practitioners present their latest findings. As an instructor/coach Robert has trained many project and program managers including using in his own developed PMO information structuring methodology, aligned and complementing the PMI’s PMBoK and Standard for Program Management. Robert is in the process of authoring a book on Portfolio, Program and Project management Success Factors based on ten years of academic research.

Dr. Kari Dakakni

Kari Dakakni, Dr in Engineering, CEng, PMP®, PMI-RMP®, member of Italian Engineering Society and affiliate with ISU Iowa State University in research programmes

Kari Dakakni, Dr in Engineering, CEng (Certified Chartered Engineer), PMP®, PMI-RMP®, member of Italian Engineering Society, PMI Sub-Committee Member (for the upcoming 4th Edition of the PMI® Portfolio Management standard), is a project and risk management professional. She is also a consultant and academic researcher in the field of project, program, and portfolio management. She started her carrier as assistant professor in the electrical and robotics department at the Academy of Engineering of Rome, where she implemented teleoperation programs jointly with Iowa State University, ISU Ames where she is currently affiliated for research projects. Kari teaches engineering technologies at university for postgraduates, practitioners, and international professionals focusing on risk management and decision-making analysis across project, program, and portfolio management per sector per type of industry and PMO set up. As an engineer specialized in mechanical technology, robotics, and biomedics, she has worked in manufacturing, telecommunication, but also in finance and insurance where she conducts site assessments for the evaluation of risk exposure and decision –making analysis from design phase to projects and operations. As trainer, Kari has trained many projects, PMOs, and program managers from different industries, backgrounds, and culture. Kari is a co-author of the book: “Portfolio Management: A Strategic Approach” (CRC Press Oct 2014), presents research papers at conferences and she is currently is in the process of co-authoring books on risk management across projects, programs and portfolios, and PMOs. Kari is a co-author for AIPMO’s IPMO Body of Knowledge©, co-founder and president of AIPMO® Association.


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The AIPMO® Management Board for IPMO standards is primarily comprised of industry leaders and top academics who wish to contribute positively to the international PMO profession, and/or as volunteers in projects, programs, portfolios, and the continued development of the AIPMO-IPMO® dissemination

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Ab Imis Fundamentis  ..from the First Principles, from the Foundation…

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