AIPMO Consulting Framworks Specialist (CFS-IPMO)

The specialist certification for International Consulting Frameworks for Consultants, Project, Program, and PMO Managers covers every aspect of organizations from strategy to operations including the world of project/program and portfolio management. Organizations are complex systems in their own right. Understanding the building blocks of an organization, including its value chain and its operating environment requires a mix of competencies including the ability to design and build frameworks, concepts, and models. Consulting professionals who master art will know what and how to focus on using multiple techniques to create immediate value. PMO professionals, managers, and project professionals are included in this group because they are the experts who understand the PPP and PMO world. They should also be able to support the PPP teams and PMO teams to approach identifying the problem (sometimes through sense-making), structuring problems, developing concepts, frameworks, and models to ensure the problem universe is fully understood.

The figure on the right shows the importance of internal consulting (including external consultants) and PMO consulting working together on assignments that bridge strategy formation and execution. Professionals who are or need to resolve complex problems will likely cover the strategy formulation and operational side of the organization. However, PMO teams who cover every aspect of the PPP world are likely in the best position to offer a PMO consulting service because in-depth knowledge of the PPP environment.


This hands-on course brings together the latest in international management consulting experience and academic research to give a consulting overview then deep-diving into a sense-making/strategic problem-solving methodology that uses many frameworks, models and concepts. The course then takes real problems from the course attendees or any topic which to address and follows a framework development methodology to develop custom and hybrid frameworks.

This major and intensive part of the course uses techniques taken from the management consulting industry such as framing problems, hypothesis creation, MECE issues, and decision trees. Techniques are taught on the course to ensure the participants not only know them how to apply them but when to apply them. Presentations are developed through an iterative process including giving tips on presentation techniques. As part of the course consulting packs are developed using standard and custom frameworks, models, and techniques that are related to the industry of the attendees. Attendees work in teams and play different roles to come to the conclusion of the course where the final presentations are given to the group.


What You Need to Know

Course Length

3 Days



Certificate by:


Association of International PMOs

  • Explain the key aspects of the consulting industry and the types of situations when consulting is required
  • Know how to quickly frame complex problems and visualize them for presentation
  • Undertake framework development to reflect real environments
  • Apply many techniques in the context of problem-solving, framework development, analysis, presentations, and communications
  • Use a technique and framework register to increase knowledge in your organization
  • Undertake the creation of consulting packs to quick start consulting assignments
  • Know how to build consulting packs for your team, section or organization
  • Consultants and professionals wishing to get into consulting
  • PMO/IT Directors
  • PMO Managers and PMO Core team members involved in consulting
  • Senior project/program management professionals
  • Managers and team leaders
  • Engineers and others involved complex problems
  • Any professional wishing to become more effective and be able to demonstrate it

The training approach includes:

  • Lecture
  • Team exercises
  • Group discussion on pertinent topics
  • Detailed five-day case study
  • Presentations and role play
  • Personal coaching
  • Exam – 2 hours with 100 multiple choice questions
  • Discussing the exam answers
  • Degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or the global equivalent)
  • 1 year or more of consulting and ideally some project management experience
  • Good understanding of techiques
  • Ideally working in a PMO for a period of time
  • Online Exam
  • 50 multiple choice questions
  • Duration 1 hour
  • The course work will be assessed and it will represent 50% of the total passing mark