AIPMO IPMO-Foundation Certification (IPMO-F)

The International Project Management Officer (IPMO)® is the most important industry-recognized certifications series for professionals working in or associated with PMO activities and services.

The Foundation level certification is targeted at the PMO team member, project team member and any stakeholder involved in a project. It sets the foundational knowledge required to understand the mechanics of projects, programs, portfolios and PMOs, and how to become a competent PMO team member of a project, program, portfolio, and PMO.

Certified IPMO Foundation members have demonstrated, through a combination of formal training and competency assessment, that they have both PMO knowledge and skills within one or more PMOs.


This course brings together the latest in research and best practices into a PMO lifecycle framework that focuses on PMO capabilities especially for projects programs and portfolios; your role(s) in running, monitoring and controlling a PMO; and what exactly is PMO success, PMO maturity; and how both are connected, including their influences on project success.

You will learn to view PMOs in terms of services and the associated supporting capabilities (tools and techniques coupled with personal competencies). A core set of PMO capabilities are covered including the techniques and the personal competencies required per capability. This course is also designed to be hands-on, encompasses the day-to-day operational aspects of PMOs by detailing the challenges and best practices to improve the running, monitoring and controlling of a PMO. You will walk through the PMO documentation plan to gain an understanding of the key PMO document deliverables some of which are external to the PMO and others which are generated as part of the PMO lifecycle. Your focus will be on the six registers that a PMO is responsible for, the PMO services and capabilities catalog, PMO operational handbook, PMO reports, component reports, and change requests.

During the course, there are many exercises as well as a course-long case study that can be used to help to embed both PMO and project concepts in a story based industry example.


What You Need to Know


5 Days








IPMO-F Certificate


  • Understand how PMOs fit into the world of projects, programs, and portfolios
  • Understand the benefits of viewing PMOs in terms of services
  • Know what are PMO capabilities, how they are constructed in terms of competencies, tools, and techniques
  • Understand the PMO lifecycle framework and which phases and processes are most relevant for a PMO team member
  • Learn the key PMO tools and techniques including templates you can take back to your organization
  • Understand what are the key documents PMO use to run, monitor and control PMOs
  • How to be confident in knowing what to do in the majority of PMO configurations
  • PMO/Project/Program/Portfolio team members
  • Junior PMO or project managers
  • Project team members involved in the PMO related activities
  • Project/program/portfolio managers with some experience in PMOs
  • Any project or PMO stakeholder wishing to better understand how to run, monitor and control a high performing PMO
  • Lecture
  • Team exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Detailed four-day Simulation Case Study
  • Presentations and role play
  • Exam preparation
  • Exam – 1 hour with 50 multiple choice questions
  • Ideally 1 year plus experience in projects and PMOs
  • Educated at degree level or similar
  • One or more years of business experience
  • An exam is given at the end of the course moderated by the instructor
  • Open book exam 50 multiple choice questions
  • Duration 1 hour

How the Certification Differs from the IPMO-Practitioner™ Level

The Foundation course is targeted at the PMO team member or equivalent involved in the running, monitoring and controlling of a PMO. The Foundation course also details the role of a PMO or project team member in the processes needed in the running, monitor and controlling a PMO.

The Practitioner course certification covers more of the PMO lifecycle framework but especially the PMO lifecycle with the business need, identify, evaluate and strategize, design, justification as well as run, monitor and control a PMO. Capabilities are also cover but more specifically those associated with or at the management level of a PMO.

The case study focuses different at Practitioner level than Foundation. The Foundation level certification requires little knowledge of PMOs and project management as a pre-requisite whereas the Practitioner course does require pre-requisites.