Tue, Sep 5, 2017

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CEST

Presenter: Robert Joslin info@aipmo.org

The AIPMO® Webinar


Many PMOs are vulnerable to failing within the first two years due to a lack of understanding of the drivers for change. Seven core PMO principles are discussed and why they were selected to be the basis of a new international PMO standard. Knowing the top 10 drivers for PMO change will help the PMO managers/Directors understand when to pay special attention during these change periods. Implementing the seven core PMO principles will help not only underpin PMOs with a solid foundation for high value services, they will also reduce the risk of adverse effects during these turbulent change periods.

Discussion Objectives  
    • 1. The importance of seven core principles underpinning PMOs
    • 2. The top 10 drivers for PMO change
    • 3. Why and how PMO principles will increase the long-term value of PMOs within an organization
Professional Recipient
    • PMO managers
    • Portfolio managers
    • Project and Program managers


4:00 p.m. (UTC+2)

Presenter: Kari Dakakni info@aipmo.org

The AIPMO® Webinar


One of key responsibility of a manager is the decision making where Risk Management is an essential aspect to master decision combining elements of engineering, computer science, psychology and management science. This AIPMO® webinar is an overview of the risk management embedded in a real decision making context of an Enterprise Organization, where assembling, maintenance, logistic, construction, safety, are critical. Discussions at the end will be encouraged.

Discussion Objectives  
    • The differences between project risk management practices per the industry sector reflected on attitudes, competencies, and risk perception. Importance of tailoring knowledge, tools, and techniques
    • Integration of risk management in the transformation processes during implementation of mitigation strategies
    • How decisions making impacts risk management and vice-versa - identification, and prevention
Professional Recipient
    • Project Manager - Program Manager - Portfolio Manager - Executives ( with Engineering Background)
    • PMO staff - PMO Directors (with Engineering Background)
    • Engineers - Technical Staff - Engineering Designers - Risk Managers - Decision Makers



PMO's trand and challenges

1 p.m. 2 p.m. UTC +2

Presenter: Robert Joslin info at: Tarek@CausalCapital.org +44 20 7193 5023

The AIPMO® Webinar

    This next webinar provides insights into identifying who within an organization is an expert in PMOs, what are the characteristics of these people and how to support them to achieve maximum organizational impact. Sometimes these PMO experts are officially recognized, appreciated nor supported in a formal way. The webinar explain why and sets out a plan to change this, to the benefit of the individuals and the organization with the relative competencies. Saudi Arabia has been dependent on oil but with the reduction in demand and the drop of oil prices it needs to find alternative revenue sources. Saud Arabia is going through a 15-year plan called Vision 2030 to reinvent itself by moving up the value chain. To do this, large and complex mega and giga projects have been identified and budgets have been established. The Saudi King has carried out an assessment of critical success factors and determined that PMO’s at all levels of the government and industry are key to success for these projects. The concept of PMOs have been established at the Kingdom level reporting to highest authority. This amazing story explains how PMOs were identified as functional critical success factors and how they are one of the main pillars of success for a nation that needs to change. The Webinar moves from the macro to the micro level and details the challenges PMO directors and PMO managers will face in during this journey to create a Kingdom of PMOs. Industry expert Dr. Robert Joslin, and co-founder of AIPMO (Association of International PMOs) is joined by PMO Director Mazen Emad Bizreh, 'IT Strategy and Transformation Director', Ministry of Commerce & Investment. Together, they will talk you through the Saudi 2030 Vision and give a crystal ball look into PMOs in 2030. The webinar will include polls and a short forum discussion towards the end of the webinar to get yours views into the Saudi Vision and the roll of PMOs. in achieving this vision. Come and join in and participate in this webinar packed full of facts. For more information, contact our Professional Development Advisor:


3:00 p.m. (UTC+4)

Presenter: Robert Joslin - Speakers: Dr Harris Apostolopoulos EMBA, MSc, BEng(Hons), PMP ® AND Mazen Emad Bizreh, B.E, PMP® info@aipmo.org

The AIPMO® Webinar


The webinar covers the top 10 challenges a PMO Director faces in justification and running their PMOs. PMO managers reporting to PMO Directors also face a set of challenges which are more operational in nature but there are overlaps in the challenges. Industry expert Dr. Robert Joslin, and co-founder of AIPMO (Association of International PMOs) is joined by two Middle East based PMO Directors in this webinar. They will share evidence-based research with personal perspectives, as well as share their challenges. The webinar will include polls and short forum discussions towards the end of the webinar.

Learning Objectives

  • Challenges a PMO Manager faces (Evidence based Research)
  • What are facts what is fiction (poll)
  • Why PMO Directors need to know where to go to get facts
  • Top 13 Challenges PMO Managers face based on Evidence Based Research
Professional Recipient

  • PMO Directors
  • PMO Managers and advanced PMO Core team
  • Senior consultants (involved in projects and/or organizational change)
  • Busy PMO administrators who are coordinating large numbers of projects
  • Up and coming project professionals who want to sharpen their skills and knowledge of PMO
  • Project/program/portfolio managers with expertise in PMOs

  • Good knowledge and interest in PMOs, project, program and portfolio management

  • 1 Hour
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