AIPMO® is committed to promote and develop partnerships around the world. The partnership program helps to broaden and deepen the International PMO community evolving in sharing knowledge, services, and implementations of IPMO’s.



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PMO GLOBAL ALLIANCE is a global community of professionals with a common interest in the PMO (Project Management Office) topic. Our members are PMO leaders, PMO members, Executives, Consultants, Teachers, Students, Project Managers, among others who share experience and knowledge, contributing voluntarily to the development of the worldwide PMO community. Our mission is to support the professional development of our members through voluntary work, mutual support, networking, advanced research, and an intensive exchange of experiences



PMO TOOLS certified by AIPMO®

The project management office (PMO) is constantly challenged with generating and delivering value to the company or organization. In an effort to assist PMOs with demonstrating value, a group of 82 PMO leaders around the globe conducted a six-year research project, resulting in the creation of the PMO Value Ring and the eight steps in the PMO Value Ring framework. The PMO Tools is a unique integrated approach to PMO, and is certified by AIPMO® Association the leading authority for International PMO. Unlike traditional finance metric –focused solutions, PMO Tools deliver far more value and capabilities to its users. The help better understand the PMO Tools, AIPMO® developed various case studies to integrate in the software package, please refer to the Accredited Providers page.

PMO Tools certified by AIPMO®


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