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Every profession has their own association/institute vision, outlook and professional community. The value and role of PMOs is not well understand even with an estimated 60m people using the PMO in their title. PMOs directly and indirectly impact project, program and portfolio success but there is no collective vision on the future of PMOs and what they will be doing in 2030. In some countries PMOs are their backbone of country visions but unless the PMOs develop their own vision and understand the opportunities and risk its is unlikely they will be able achieve their highest impact in supporting the realization of these country visions.

If we take a look at PMOs today, we may come to the following conclusions:

  • 1000’s of types and configurations of PMOs
  • PMOs vary per country, within and across industry
  • Vary from successful to failed
  • Vary from being secretarial support to running mega projects
  • Over 250 services PMOs can provide in any combination
  • Researchers try to categorizes types of PMOs but are unable to agree on a single categorization due to their limited sample size
  • Involved at both levels of strategy formulation and strategy execution
  • Have generic and specific names
  • Not a profession, therefore limited potential impact on senior management

Before AIPMO there was no body to bring PMOs together and to develop standards in very aspect of the PMO lifecycle! 

PMOs need a vision for the future otherwise they will continue struggle, and part of the vision should be to develop PMO Management into a recognized profession!

This is the main purpose of our initiative – The Future of PMO 2030!

  • Increase knowledge on PMO configurations and which ones cover more than 75% of known project and program success factors
  • Design PMOs from an organizational perspective and not just random PMOs so the PMOs work as one team in an optimized Organization PMO topology offering an efficient PMO Services topology (network)
  • Follow a proven PMO lifecycle methodology that covers all aspects of PMOs and PMO services integrated into the organizations PPP environment
  • Purpose designed Principle based PMO maturity model that allows for efficiency and effectiveness which also includes innovation an creativity
  • Follow a PMO career path of PMO management to executive management

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19 - 22 October

Australian Institute of Project Management - National Conference Dr. Robert Joslin & Geoffrey Dawson

09 - 10 March 2020

Passion for Projects Congress - Sweden Dr. Robert Joslin

3 June 2020

PMO Conference London 2020 Dr. Robert Joslin

Summer 2020

AIPMO MSc summer class Aarhus 2020 Dr. Robert Joslin

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