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AIPMO Association is not involved in organizing training courses. The training courses are serviced through the AIPMO Accredited Providers page. AIPMO Association uniquely releases credentials based on candidate’s PRE-REQUIREMENTS, their successful and respectful completion of the training course (assessing feedback from training courses and training organizers auditing), and that have demonstrated the respect of the principles and ethics for both business and professional relationships, the knowledge of the AIPMO® standards,  and its implementation through the correct resolution of the case study given during the training. The certification will be released after approval of both the management and advisory board members and the examinations tests will be audited to assure the respects of the AIPMO norms of ethics and merit principles equal for everybody. All the practitioners that will not fulfill these fundamental requirements will not be admitted to the final tests.

All the knowledge material, know-how, business games etc. used during the courses are build through the years, by the AIPMO® founders, with the contribution of the AIPMO® Advisory Board, the slides and the rest of simulation, case studies, are specifically developed for each course according to the background of the candidates (and the organizational functions, i.e. construction projects, avionics, automation projects, banking systems, etc.).  The AIPMO candidates therefore will experience the AIPMO quality warranty related to course material and course performance provided by competent trainers.

All the IPMO’s Certifications, the Core Certifications IPMO-F®, IPMO-P®, IPMO-E®, the Specialist Certifications RM-IPMO®, DM-IPMO®, BC-IPMO®, and the Masters  exams are administered through our authorized and accredited providers, currently the courses are only available in Dubai, New York, Rome, Milan, Singapore, Zürich, Geneva, London and other locations which will be released by press soonest. Please refer to Accredited Providers page for booking and schedule your course with the relative examination.

Candidates who are suitable with the IPMO® pre-requisites to attend the course at their level of preparation, and that successfully complete the training course passing the final exam, will achieve a unique credential internationally recognized as a distinctive competency in the PMO expertise chosen. The name of the successful practitioners, who passed the examination, will be recorded in the AIPMO Registry and accessible through the Registry Code (you find the registry Code in your certificate) provided after passing the exam.

Candidates willing to purchase the certification exam fee through the website are welcome to self assess through the  AIPMO Pre-requisites document, fill out the IPMO Self-Assessment Form (SAF), for the exam eligibility. As soon you will receive the confirmation of your eligibility, please pay the certification fee of interest and book as soon as possible the training course with the relative exam to assure your training slot with the Accredited Providers (AP) specifying that you already paid the certification fee (to obtain a discount from the trainer provider). After the successful completion of the examination, all the participants will receive the AIPMO® Credentials the have applied for.

The participants admitted to the training course which did not pay the IPMO exam fee will not be certified. 






















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