IPMO Core PMO Certifications

The IPMO Core Certifications Programme includes three levels of examinations, as described in the AIPMO-IPMO Body of Knowledge, designed to measure a person’s capabilities (knowledge, skills, and abilities) to identify, justify, design, implement and run single and/or enterprise international PMOs (IPMO).

The Core Certification Programme is designed for International PMO practitioners to follow a development path from foundation up to expert level. It is comprised of three international certification levels, the IPMO-F Foundation, IPMO-P Practitioner, and IPMO-E Expert.

Please read the requirements to check the eligibility with AIPMO exam prerequisites for the appropriate level of certification and the relevant course. AIPMO-IPMOs are internationally recognised as advanced-level qualifications aligned with best practice and industry standard.

The Core Certifications are valid for five years. After this period the professionals can decide to renew the AIPMO membership or to retake the course.

IPMO® Core Certifications





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