To get Certified you need first to attend the training course, please select one of the AIPMO® Accredited Providers from the list below to reserve the course related to certification you are interested in

Clicking on the providers' links you will be directed to the webpage of the AIPMO® training provider you have selected. In their webpage please select the IPMO's course of interest which includes IPMO's certification and final exam. If you need further assistance or different information, please contact us directly at Thank you!

Turlon & Associates

Turlon & Associates is an AIPMO® accredited provider and deliver IPMO’s Training Courses. They also are an R.E.P. global provider of Project, Program and Process (3P’s) training and consultancy services. Our mission at Turlon & Associates is to ensure that our clients have the top-performing project and programs teams they need to successfully execute their portfolio strategies. Our job is to make sure project managers, team members, and service professionals have the knowledge, skills, and tools to exceed their project, program and portfolio goals. We drive towards effective training and consultancy services in the mode that exactly meets the needs of each client organization, team, and individual.

PMO Certify

PMO Certify is an accredited booking services for associations, and AIPMO partners. PMO Certify offers booking services with current partner and client AIPMO® Association for Foundation, Practitioner, Expert level of PMO courses, the Specialist Certified courses: RM-IPMO (Risk Management), DM-IPMO (Decision Making), BC-IPMO (Business Case writing), and the Master Certified courses.

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Causal Capital

Causal Capital is an AIPMO® accredited provider and deliver IPMO’s Training Courses mainly in Dubai and in the rest of Middle Easter countries.

Causal Capital provides expertise, services, and tailor courses to any professional needs, plus helps business learning professional, risk analysis, risk management, six sigma, and change management training  through our partnerships.


Passionate specialists in supporting the organization project management to deliver the strategy in a efficient way. Through intense theoretical studies and personal experience of most of the roles in a project organization, for example portfolio manager, PMO manager, integrator, road map builder, project manager, facilitator, mentor, trainer and coach, We have a completeness in the understanding of project management and its organization that could help you increase output. We organize AIPMO trainig course and we cover all the North Europe area, included Scandinavian countries

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