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Welcome to AIPMO® Association

The AIPMO® is the Association of International Project Management Officers, a professional association representing International Project Management Officers (IPMO), including project, program and portfolio managers involved in defining, establishing and running high performing, Project Management Offices (PMOs). The AIPMO®  association is actively involved in the continuous process of improving the approaches and methods as described in the AIPMO-IPMO Body of Knowledge©, and exclusively facilitates and delivers three stages of IPMOs certifications: IPMO® Certified Masters®, the IPMO® Core Certifications, and IPMO® Certified Specialists. Professionals that are actively engaged in PMO (Project Management Office) activities or planning to be part of a project, program, portfolio or working within a PMO, will benefit from the three tiered certifications, that are part of the AIPMO Certification Program, IPMO-F®, IPMO-P®, IPMO-E® The Certification Program recognizes professional PMO competencies to endorse international career paths by an international PMO certification authority, the AIPMO® Association .

AIPMO®  Mission is to advance the understanding, the theory, the design, and the implementation of high performing enterprise PMOs, through a comprehensive IPMO’s Certification Programme, based on AIPMO-IPMO Body of Knowledge©.

The AIPMO®, besides the Certification Programme for PMO academic, practitioners, and professionals, promotes  a partnership programme involving training providers and organizations, the Accreditation Programme.

Building the context and need for PMOs
Re-Think existing PMO's
Design Strategies
Transform PMO's from Design to Operation

Three Domains of AIPMO® focus

AIPMO® focus on three different certifications areas, AIPMO® Core Certifications: IPMO-F®, IPMO-P®, IPMO-E®, AIPMO®- IPMO® Masters, and the AIPMO® - IPMO® Specialists 

Certified AIPMO® Masters

Academic level Certifications

IPMO® Core Certifications

International PMO's

Certified AIPMO® Specialists

Specialized knowledge areas involved in IPMO's

AIPMO® Certifications Overview

AIPMO® is a Leading Authority Creating the Future of PMO's 

AIPMO® develops PMO's Standard, Interacts with Global Professionals and Academic Web Network, Supports Volunteering Activities, Promotes Partnerships Programme, and creates a new International PMO Identity.

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