Welcome to AIPMO Association

The AIPMOTM is the Association of International Project Management Officers, a professional association representing International Project Management Officers (IPMO), including project, program and portfolio managers involved in defining, establishing and running high performing, Project Management Offices (PMOs). The AIPMOTM  association is actively involved in the continuous process of improving the approaches and methods as described in the AIPMO-IPMO Body of Knowledge©, and exclusively facilitates and delivers three levels of IPMOs certifications: IPMO-FTM foundation level, the IPMO-PTM practitioner level, and IPMO-ETM  expert level. Professionals that are actively engaged in PMO (Project Management Office) activities or planning to be part of a project, program, portfolio or working within a PMO, will benefit from the three tiered certifications, that are part of the AIPMO Certification Program. The Certification Program recognizes professional PMO competencies to endorse international career paths by an international PMO certification authority, the AIPMOTM Association .

AIPMOTM  Mission is to advance the understanding, theory, design, and implementation of high performing enterprise PMOs, through a comprehensive IPMO’s Certification Program, based on AIPMO-IPMO Body of Knowledge©.

The AIPMOTM promotes the Certification Program for PMO practitioners, professionals and the Accreditation Program for training providers and organizations.


AIPMO Association authorizes training providers to offer courses based on the AIPMO Body of Knowledge© in the three different levels with their respective examinations to gain the IPMO-FTM, IPMO-PTM and IPMO-ETM  certifications.
In order to promote, facilitate, and support the recognition of the IPMOTM Certifications, AIPMO Association is also committed to enhance the AIPMO Accreditations Program by recognizing professionally qualified practitioners and organizations keen to promote and develop professionals’ PMO competencies around the world

*** How to be certified (for practitioners)

*** How to get accredited (organizations and trainers)