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AIPMO Registry for Successful Members who passed  the AIPMO Certifications

General information for Registry of AIPMO’s Members

The  AIPMO Accredited Providers course attendees who pass the final test at the end of the training, will receive the relative AIPMO credential which can be showed on networks (as LinkedIn), business cards, and to employers to validate their competence in the international PMO.

The certified practitioners will receive a certificate from AIPMO Association, the code reported on the certificate will grant the access to the AIPMO Database of the certified professionals.

The AIPMO Registry of IPMO’s Members contains the following information about each member:

  • Name and Last Name
  • Last AIPMO-IPMO Certification Completed  (IPMO-F ;IPMO-PIPMO-E; RM-IPMO; DM-IPMO; BC-IPMO)
  • Membership Number
  • Registry Code
  • Date of the examination
  • Date of expiration

Certification Registry

Type in the search button, the Registry Code, which is written on your certificate, to verify your IPMO Examination Level and Membership Affiliation.

AIPMO® Registry


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