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The Association of International Project Management Officers (AIPMO®)

AIPMO – the Association for International PMOs was founded in Zurich, Switzerland in December 2015. The professional international association with a researcher and practitioner led community was formed to provide a leading standard in PMO for Project, Programme and Portfolio Office practitioners.

AIPMO’s mission is to advance the understanding, design and implementation of high performing single, group and enterprise PMOs, through the certification of proven international PMO capabilities based on the AIPMO Body of Knowledge.

The AIPMO exclusively facilitates and delivers three global PMO certifications based on industry standard and actualized research.

The core Certifications of Foundation (IPMO-F), Practitioner (IPMO-P) and Expert (IPMO-E) are complemented by the Specialist Certifications, and the Master Certifications.

The three levels of the Core Certifications indicate the levels of competencies for International Project Management Officers which are based on AIPMO-IPMO Body of Knowledge including its integrated IPMO Lifecycle Framework.

The motto for AIPMO is Rebuilding from the Foundations

It’s time to rethink PMO – take a fresh look – to change the view of PMOs not creating value and working with the PMO practitioners to build or design their PMOs on AIPMO’s Lifecycle Framework.

AIPMO’s Expert certification looks at the problems PMO Directors and Managers face in their PMOs; the demand for services; what is requested and not delivered; what is delivered and what could be useful. PMO leaders can then build a topology for the future.. rebuilding from the foundations.



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